! Readme.txt !

Name: [REDACTED] (You can just call me by my username.)
Pronouns: they/them
Gender: An enigma.
Age: Secret! (I'm no longer a minor, but it would still be nice if you weren't gross.)
CW (Content Warning) for the things I sometimes draw: gore, generally desturbing content, and probably some other stuff I'm forgetting (if there's anything you want/need me to put here please message me and tell me.)
DNI (Do Not Interact) if: you post/make child p*rn, are a p*dophile (yes, even "MAPS". Fuck "MAPS".) You're racsist, you're a (neo-)n*zi, you're transphobic, you're a TERF, you're homophobic, you're anti-ACAB, you joke about gender if you're CIS (i.e. "I sexually identify as an airplane my pronouns are plane/plane",) you're an ace exclusionist, or you're a generally shitty person.


! Places you can find me !

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